17, snarky, and stupud
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Anonymous: do you ever get much crap for collecting toys? I'd like to collect more but some relatives and friends of mine always seem weirded out when I talk about my collection. please share if you have any advice, I'm not a very confident person and people's reactions make me really discouraged sometimes :/


I do get a lot of negative attention from my parents and other relatives for my growing toy collection :. No offense to your friends but even if they don’t see the appeal to your toy collection they could at least be happy that it makes you happy! Same could be said about your parents and mine but parents are the most stubborn humans on the planet I swear. I suggest you continue collecting, befriend other collectors on here or in your area, and if you get harassed by relatives/family lock yourself in your room (that’s what I do and it’s so fun lol). Oh and take days off to play with your toys too ^-^ it reminds you why you started in the first place <3. I hope that helps I’m not that great with confidence type things. 

My parents give me shit for my dolls. Mom says she wishes I was mentally 17. -.- But honestly, a collection does nobody any harm, and if they make you happy then it’s worth it. ^^ The next time I go to the shrink imma ask her to write a formal note to my parents telling them to but off and that having dolls isn’t an “unhealthy” thing. xD Let’s see how that goes.


"Am I actually hearing those sounds or is that my paranoia"

"Am I actually sick or is that anxiety"

"Can I see that or is that a hallucination"

"Is this actually happening or did I disassociate again"

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Is this nausea and a heart attack or just symptoms of anxiety. x.x